About Democracy Greensboro

In July, 2016, a small group that gathered at the Glenwood Community Bookshop and discussed the failure of the Presidential campaign to address the issues that matter to most Americans.  That group began holding open meetings as the November 9th Ad Hoc Committee which grew into what is now Democracy Greensboro, a registered Political Action Committee. We hold biweekly meetings that are open to everyone. Those meetings focus on the issues facing Greensboro.

This Spring, the members of Democracy Greensboro elected a 14 member steering committee to tend to the tasks of organizing meetings, establishing and maintaining communication within the group and outreach to other like-minded groups in Greensboro.

From the beginning, our focus has been on creating a platform by which candidates for the upcoming City Council and Mayoral seats could be vetted. We hosted a Community Platform Summit on June 3 where we joined with various community groups and individuals to develop a much broader platform, Greensboro's Community Platform. It is our hope that Greensboro's Community Platform will enable people to unite behind a set of common values, principles, and goals, so that we will be better able to discern which candidates truly represent the fundamental principles of justice we care most about.

In September, Democracy Greensboro hosted a citywide Candidate/Platform Conference to which all candidates were invited and asked to speak to Greensboro's Community Platform.

Now, united by Greensboro's Community Platform, we the people will hold Greensboro's Mayor and City Council members accountable.

Democracy Greensboro is a North Carolina non-profit corporation and Political Action Committee registered with the Guilford County Board of Elections.
William Hurd, Treasurer.

Contact UsCONTACT US: Justice@DemocracyGreensboro.org