On December 19, 2017, the City Council will vote to approve $56,000,000 in bond money to pay for two proposed parking decks in Downtown Greensboro that will benefit two new hotels, a new office building and a 20 billion dollar life insurance company.

Fact & Fiction

WELFARE FOR THE RICH: Downtown development is a good thing, but not when it comes at the expense of the rest of the city and not when it comes in the form of corporate welfare for wealthy developers; if these hotel projects need parking, those constructing and profiting from them need to build their own parking!

NEED NOT ESTABLISHED: The need for two downtown Parking Decks has not been established; investment in public transit would alleviate some of the city’s parking needs instead of two new decks that add to automobile dependency and adversely impact the environment.

CONFLICTS OF INTEREST: There is potential for conflicts of interest between the developers directly benefiting from the proposed decks and some council members who have taken campaign contributions from them and who benefit directly or indirectly themselves—we the voters demand full transparency on this matter!

$28,000,000 for a hotel without a franchise. $28,000,000 for a proposed mixed-use Tower with tens of thousands of square feet and only one confirmed tenant. Total $56 million - The City-wide Parking Fund has lost money for the past two years.

SOCIALIZING COSTS, PRIVATIZING PROFITS: The City Manager touts “the collaborative public-private partnership approach,” which in reality means that the “public,” the taxpayers, will pay the hefty bill to build parking for two rich developers—in other words, they want to socialize the costs but privatize the profits.

•In 2016 the council voted to reduce a Housing Bond for low-income housing from $34 to $25 million, yet it wants to give $56 million for parking for two projects by wealthy developers.
It is morally unacceptable for the Greensboro City Council to approve handouts to wealthy downtown developers while East Greensboro remains severely under-developed economically and many in our city are hungry, homeless, and poor—we can spend this money much more wisely!

KAPLAN’S OWN WORDS: In 2010 one of the developers involved in these projects, Randall Kaplan, told the Greensboro City Council that “the financing of the hotel will be private, it will be completely private, the city and the taxpayer will have no risk, there will be no obligation, there will be no taxpayer money going into the building of this hotel.” He forgot to say, “except that the hotel’s parking will be paid by taxpayers.” Let’s hold Kaplan to his word: no taxpayer money for these projects! No Corporate Welfare!

Go to City Council Email Link and choose the council members you want to contact.

**To learn more about these parking decks, COME TO AN INFORMATIONAL SESSION ON TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12 beginning at 4:00pm with City Manager Jim Westmoreland at the International Civil Rights Museum.

**COME TO THE CITY COUNCIL MTG. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19 at 5:30 in the Council Chamber of the Melvin Municipal Office Bldg. at 300 W. Washington St. to express your opinion on the proposed parking decks.