About Us

We are an unincorporated non-profit association that got it’s start as the November 7th Ad Hoc Committee in 2016. We knew pretty much from the beginning that we wanted to focus solely on local politics with the four main goals of Economic Justice, Social Justice, Criminal and Civil Justice and Environmental Justice.

With a local election coming up in a year our first order of business was to decide how we could go about choosing candidates for Mayor and City Council in Greensboro that would be most likely to favor our goals. So we spent the next months putting together a Platform that contained specific changes we would advocate for. As a relatively small group we realized we needed broader input from the community.

On June 3rd, 2017, we invited residents and progressive groups from all over the city to a Summit, hosted by Democracy Greensboro, to develop a platform as a basis to elect a City Council and Mayor in 2017 that would govern in accordance with our community’s ideals of social justice, economic justice, criminal and civil justice, and environmental justice.

This platform continues to serve as a guide to which we hold our elected officials and our City government accountable to our community’s vision of justice for all.

Greensboro Community Platform

La Platforma Communitaria De Greensboro