GPD Special Units: History of Civil Rights Violations by Signe Waller Foxworth, PhD

The history of special units or divisions within the Greensboro Police Department, units that combine intelligence gathering and field operations, is long and shabby.
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Affordable Housing: Challenges & Opportunities by Beth McKee-Huger

Where one lives impacts everything else:
Housing affects one’s health, access to employment, type of transportation needed, school district, economic stability, and voting district.  Greensboro has a “persistent shortage of safe affordable housing” that limits the housing options and life opportunities of many in our community.
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Zero Waste by Hester Petty

Zero Waste-to-Landfill (or incinerator), also known as no bury or burn, is a goal that some cities have adopted as one way to reduce their contribution to the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing global warming. It is also an ethical and economical answer to the problems of landfills and incinerators, both of which cause health and environmental problems. And because of racism and prejudice against the poor, governments often locate landfills in low income and minority neighborhoods.
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