Criminal & Civil Justice

Our Issues

-Establish civilian or independent oversight of law enforcement, including full investigative and subpoena power to review past and present allegations of police misconduct.
-Disband the Police Department’s militarized Civil Emergency Unit and divest the department of all militarized equipment.
-Protect human rights and safeguard civil liberties, including secular and religious practices and protests.
-Deincentivize unjust policing by prohibiting the confiscation of lawfully owned property by law enforcement agencies.
-Ensure that the Greensboro Police Department does not cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and its unjust policies toward the city’s immigrants.
-Oppose, by every means available, all attempts by the N.C. Legislature to interfere in the lawful governance of the city of Greensboro by its City Council and Mayor.
-Increase funding for restorative justice programs, which encourage mediation and restitution instead of criminal proceedings.