Economic Justice

Our Issues

-Structure contracts to facilitate the quality workmanship and fair pricing available from Greensboro’s many locally-owned businesses, especially businesses owned by people of color.
-Pay City employees no less than $15 per hour and require first, second and third tier City contractors to pay wages of no less than $15 per hour. Employers requesting tax abatement, infrastructure or other incentives must agree to pay their employees no less than $15 per hour.
-Support Cooperative and employee-owned businesses.
-Expand public transit with additional cross-city bus routes and add bus stop shelters throughout the city.
-Provide free internet access, as have many other cities. -Support free, or low-cost, day care for the families of job-seekers.
-Expand Democracy by increasing Participatory Budgeting funds to a minimum of $1 million per 100,000 residents (c. $2.5 million). This formula is consistent with the recommendation of -Solicit broad community input and participation for the implementation phase of the recently approved bond issue.