Social Justice

Our Issues

-Prohibit all discrimination based on race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, immigration status, age, and all other forms of prejudice.
-Provide for equal access to food by providing meals for the poor and homeless, ending food deserts, and supporting community gardens.
-Provide adequate housing for all residents as a basic right by enforcing housing codes, renovating vacant buildings for use by the homeless, and promoting new construction that is affordable and energy efficient.
-Support immigrant communities and help immigrants become an integral part of the life of the city by providing oral and written information about city services in a variety of languages.
-Provide jobs training, education, housing, and other programs to help integrate previously incarcerated people back into society.
-Improve outreach to communities so that those who use city services are included in the meetings and decision-making regarding those services.
-Promote homeownership for low and moderate-income residents. Preserve sound, but declining neighborhoods. In cooperation with affected residents, utilize a combination of grants and long term, low interest home improvement loans. Improve parks, utilities, streets and sidewalks. Homeownership builds wealth.